Agrosul started out as a small commercial outlet in the city of Feliz, in the mid-1950s.
An important step was taken in 1971 when Waldomiro Freiberger, the company's
founder formed the company with his brother Paulo. The partnership, Waldomiro
Freiberger & Cia Ltda., was very successful.

The entrepreneurs overcomed even a fire which destroyed a large part of the company.
In fact, they used the fire as a springboard to continue growing. The building, which
served as Agrosul’s headquarters for long time, was built in 1973, in the city of Feliz.
Two years later, Waldomiro and Paulo started raising chickens, as well as selling live
ones, until 1980, when they incorporate a slaughter house in the district of Vila Cristina,
in Caxias do Sul.

In 1996 there was a new step in the company’s expansion, when the company changed
its institutional structure and set up a new brand: Agrosul Alimentos, which it remained
for 20 years until they redesigned the logo, to become Agrosul Foods. Since then, the
brand has become a symbol of quality, which is a testament to its products and services.

Another important indicator of its success was the modern logistics unit, built in São
Sebastião do Caí in 2004, which then operated as a Distribution Center for the poultry
products, which continued to be processed in Vila Cristina. Inevitably the investment
and development continued and, since 2009, the company has been operating from a
new, modern Meatpacking Plant next to the DC in São Sebastião do Caí, where about

180 tons of finished product is processed every day: 40% chilled products and 60%

In addition to the Meatpacking Plant, Agrosul has its headquarters in downtown Feliz,
where the Feed Factory and Farm Store have continued to operate up to the present day.
The store serves most of the farmers in the region, encouraging agriculture and
preserving its family, cultural and commercial bonds, since the time it launched its
activities in 1950.


Mission statement

To meet customer expectations, by providing products with the highest quality, using modern technology and highly trained workers.


To be a benchmark for service in the Brazilian and international markets, recognized by customers, employees, the community, suppliers and investors, for the high quality of our products, services and relationships.


  • Commitment;
  • Processes that are of high quality and excellence;
  • Safety and Integrity in respect of our products;
  • Appreciation for People;
  • Innovation;
  • Sustainability;
  • Social Responsibility.



The first premises.


The company had 2 employees, today it has 1500.


The Farm Store was built (the headquarters).


"Agrosul Alimentos" was registered as a brand.


SIF Certificate (Ministry of Agriculture - Federal Inspection) Agrosul products in Santa Catrina, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.


The plant in Vila Cristina, Caxias do Sul, was hit by a great flood.


We became an exporting company. The land was bought and construction begun on a new industrial park in São Sebastião do Caí.


Work completed on the first phase of the Distribution Center. This year we also made our first exports to countries in Asia and the United Arab Emirates.


The second phase of the industrial complex completed.


Investments made in new technology and equipment across the company.


Standards achieved to enable us to export to the European community.


Standards achieved to enable us to export to China.


Logo redesigned to "Agrosul Foods".


Now capable of exporting to Mexico.


Over 50 million of investment to expand the Meatpacking Plant and build a new Feed Factory.


Agrosul Foods

At the site in São Sebastião do Caí, 60 km from Porto Alegre, is our modern Meatpacking Plant, where 180 metric tons of meat are processed every day, the Distribution Center and the Milling Plant.

Agrosul Farm Store

In the Farm Store, in the city of Feliz - RS, agricultural producers can find over 1000 high quality products, including the best feed and supplies. A free specialist is on hand to help customers.

51 36374545 | agropecuária@agrosul.com.br

Feed Factory

The Feed Factory, based in the city of Feliz-RS, is responsible for the production process, as well as the stock and quality of ready-made feed and raw material, which are produced for the development of chickens on our own farms, and for the resale of feed at the farm store. The feed used for raising chickens is analyzed, to ensure there are no substances that are not permitted by the relevant poultry farming standards.

(51) 3637.4545 | fabricaracoes@agrosul.com.br

Rendering Plant

Also located in São Sebastião do Caí is our Rendering Plant for the byproducts of animal origin, where the waste (viscera and feathers) from the slaughter of chickens, that is unsuitable for human consumption, is turned into meal and fat.

Built area of 25,000 m²

Feed Factory

Own storage unit

Own production (integrated producers)

More than 1,500 employees

Own cafeteria

Mix comprised of over 100 products

The Agrosul in the Community Program

Through the Agrosul in the Community Program, the company has actively taken part in the development of the existing community in which it operates, including the preservation of the environment, reduction of inequality and respect for diversity. The program is geared to publicly demonstrate that Agrosul’s intention is to not only to create a production system for its own ends, but also to develop society and the community. This is achieved through demonstrating a commitment to and responsibility for society.