Domestic market

The majority of products are destined for retail in RS. The company has a team of specially prepared representatives for this and specialized logistics in order to provide the best service to the retail sector (supermarkets, butchers, restaurants, etc.). The majority of the vehicle fleet consists of branded trucks, as well as uniformed delivery drivers, trained to provide good service and encourage returning customers.

Agrosul is located at a strategic spot, 60 km from Porto Alegre, supplying various parts of RS. Its products can be found in various sectors and in regions including: Greater Porto Alegre, the Serra (the Gaúcho Mountains), the Vale dos Sinos, the coast, the Vale do Paranhana, the Vale do Caí, the Vale dos Vinhedos, the Vale do Taquarí, as well as the routes to Santa Maria, Pelotas and Rio Grande. Agrosul currently covers more than 150 municipalities in RS, with around 4000 active customers and is constantly expanding. Besides Rio Grande do Sul, it is also active in Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, and has an infrastructure which is suitable to meet the needs of the domestic market as a whole.